Admission Criteria

1. Resident of Massachusetts

2. Must have no acute or contagious disease. Health status must permit full participation in the program.

3. Must be capable of self-preservation and be able to exit quickly in case of emergency.

4. Must not have been recently or repeatedly psychotic, suicidal, violent or dangerous, or appear likely to become so in the future.

5. If prescribed psycho-tropic medications, must be stabilized and oriented, and provide written psychiatric clearance and/or mental status examination.

6. When indicated, must be willing and able to engage in constructive activities such as employment or volunteer work.

7. Must give clear indications of a serious history of alcohol and/or drug abuse problems and be willing to admit that such problem exists.

8. Must be willing to accept further help; outpatient counseling, self- help involvement, as instructed and indicated.

9. Must voluntarily seek admission.

10. Must be capable of independent living following treatment.

11. Must have 7 days documented abstinence from alcohol and drugs.

12. Must be referred by a detox, correctional facility, or sober holding program. If self-referred, must document sobriety/drug-free status.

13. Must have all legal matters resolved, have no active warrants and may not be a fugitive from the law.

14. Is compatible with current population.